You can join regular Swing (Lindy Hop) and Tap Dance classes with Sevilla Swing Dance. Contact them to know the different levels and times via email: Also check their Facebook page,  , Samuel’s (the instructor) Instagram page or his phone +34 633 33 64 49  for more information.

If you want to shine in the dance floor and enrich your dance with Jazz Steps resources, contact Irene Martínez Camero, our Jazz Steps teacher, who’s full of rhythm and passion. Each lesson, each reinvented step, transmits the joy of living and dancing. Check levels and times via email:

If you live in the Aljarafe and want to learn Tap Dance, you can do it at DaMTe, Located in Mairena del Aljarafe. Pedro Silva will guide you in the amazing world of Tap Dance and you’ll be able to perform awesome routines and impros. Check levels and times via phone 657841201 or via email:

Also in Aljafare, more specifically in Gines and collaborating with their Town Hall, you can learn Swing every Wednesday. Call the “Delegación de Igualdad” (954714402) or check the Swing&South Facebook page for more information.