Swing & South was born in Seville thanks to the rising interest in Swing culture. It was officially created on Novemeber the 2nd 2014 and since then we promoted the culture, swing and “good vibes” of Swing in Seville.

One of the main goals of our association is the instruction of new dancers. That’s why we work on workshops, classes to fill anything that current dance schools don’t cover. We also have good relationship and collaborate with all Swing dance schools in Seville..

Another objective is to organize live music events so we can dance and enjoy our passion. Since day 1, we organized a wide variety of live events to dance.

We also organized parties and social dances, either outdoor or in appropriate dance installations.

We strived to organized our own festival. It started with the “Movember” Swing, which took place several years in November and was the root of our biggest achievement, the Jam&Marmalade Festival. Its first edition was in 2017 and we already celebrated several editions.

Or course, all member of the association enjoy very interesting benefits: special parties, discounts in concerts an parties, priority when applying to events and workshops, trips, exchanges, and so on.

Plus, you will get to know the latest news in the Sevilla Swing scene: concerts, social dances, workshops, conferences and other related events. In our Facebook page we create (https://www.facebook.com/swingandsouth/) a weekly agenda with all our recommendations.

Check our statutes (in Spanish) here.

If you want to join and contribute to the Sevilla Swing scene, don’t hesitate to reach us at swingandsouth@gmail.com , where we’ll give you the next steps to become part of us.