[su_animate]What do we offer in our assocation?[/su_animate]

You’ll collaborate with us and get our benefits and discounts. Perks include:

– Direct discounts in Seville festivals, as well as a priority treatment. You’ll also be able to volunteer during these festivals, getting free access to courses, concerts and parties.

– Discounts in classes and workshops organized by Swing&South.

– Discounts in parties organized by Swing&South, such as, CarnavalSwing, Halloswing, etc.

– Priority in any of our events and communications.

– You’ll get to propose any Swing related activity in Seville.

– You’ll also help in maintaining the Swing scene in Seville, so we’ll be able to offer more courses, workshops, parties and other activities.

All this for just an annual fee of 30 euros. A Biannual fee of 20 euros is possible as well. Just do the math and join the association! You won’t regret it.

[su_highlight background=”#ffdc99″]Send us mail at swingandsouth@gmail.com or fill out the following form:[/su_highlight]

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